Ruben Gerritz is a singer-songwriter from Cape Town South Africa. Bringing a feel good, indie, pop/rock vibe to the music industry. 4 years ago he formed the Ruben Gerritz Trio, in the following 2 and a half years the band traveled to Switzerland twice and released 2 singles. Bringing Ruben Gerritz further in the music scene and progressing his musical knowledge. 

Doing a lot of solo work and working with various members and session musicians, he started putting his passion for music and musical knowledge together to create an incredible mix of musical flavours. This combination resulted in a wide variety of genres coming from one artist. Performing an array of original material stemming from the love for different genres Ruben Gerritz is creating his own unique sound. 

At the end of 2017 Ruben Gerritz started recording the first single for Ruben Gerritz Trio. Early February of 2018 he then released the debut single "HAMBISA" followed by the release of "DIFFERENT". Since then he has released 3 more singles. All his singles can be found on various music platforms.

Planning to take his solo career further, in 2018 he started working more under Ruben Gerritz. Moving away from the Trio and focusing on his own brand and music. The year 2019 has seen a big jump for Ruben Gerritz, booking his own European tour traveling over Germany, Switzerland, Ireland and more. International and local Tours are booked for the next two years.

With his repertoire growing and future international endeavours in the pipe line, Ruben Gerritz show no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

Stages he perform at includes:

Little known blues festival

Wacky Wine Festival

Knock on wood festival

Inch Bar Fiesch

Madeleine Lucerne Switzerland

Barracuda club Interlaken Switzerland

Café am Hebel Schopfheim Germany

Rocks Bar Wengen Switzerland

Saas-Fee season end Après-ski parade Festival Switzerland

The Larix Après-ski Tent Saas-Fee Switzerland

Skihütte Saas-Fee Switzerland


Quarry Durbanville

Rabbit Hole Durbanville

Speakeasy Saloon Durbanville

Beerhouse Cape Town

Ferrymans Tavern Cape Town

Zula bar and venue Cape Town

Ragazzi bar and venue Cape Town

Aandklas Stellenbosch

Stellenbosch Brewery Stellenbosch

Tapas bar Hermanus